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Ask:How to order a merchandise?
Answer:You can browse our website understanding merchandise first.If you set eyes on satisfied merchandise you can directly the realization orders on our website.You can also contact our seller to order on our website.
Ask:I feel quite good after pass the merchandise that the website i browse, but I`m not usually get to the Internet, can you send some pictures of merchandises and introduce to me?
Answer:Our website will send out the merchandise information by E-mail aperiodicity.If you haven't yet become our member, you can register on our website directly, very convenient.
Ask:Please tell me why i should shop here ?
Answer:1.this is a website that owns the long-term management retail price business experiences;
2.we will give you a superior quality product and more special price;
3.various method of payments and fast whole country go together with to send;
4.the exchange of humanization goods affair;
5.the extremely considerate member integral calculus plan;
6.all products are regular for original factory to pack;
Ask:I like your merchandise very much and have placed many orders.but some how to has been having no goods?Can could not order?
Answer:Because the website customer purchases quantity more and greatly, the merchandise may break goods at any time, you can schedule to through the "notice of arrival" button of the website merchandise or contact our website guest to carry on reserving an order directly.
Ask:Can i purchase all products on the website?
Answer:At present,The website all the products can order, but must be and have the product of the stock us and just can confirm with you in the warehouse.Parts of heats sells the website that the product can also pass us to do a to reserve, waiting until after goods arrive, we will immediately pass an E-mail to notify you to order.
Ask:Why I want to register a member?
Answer:1,only register customer and just can go forward to go an order in the net, enjoy the price of the special discount.
2,only register customer and just can register"member center", use more member shopping functions, manage an own data.
3,only register customer and just can be in the friend message that the net ascend to other registrations. 
4,only registers the gift that the customer just obtains us to present probably.
Ask:Forget password how can i do?
Answer:For the sake of the protection customer's benefits, we can't see your password.When you forget a password, please register to register a page, click"forget a password", the system would be automatic to pass your password the email tell you, you can register"member center" to change a password to insure your benefits.